Over the weekend of 7-9 June, 2,600 runners gave life to the Saucony Dolomiti Extreme Trail, a trail running event which takes place on the trails of Val di Zoldo, in the heart of the Belluno Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site, and which in this 2024 confirmed its international character, with competitors arriving from 62 nations, representing all the continents.

A celebration of mountains and running along these, more so than an effective sporting event, Saucony Dolomiti Extreme Trail, an event made possible by the great work of 400 volunteers and the support of international brands: in addition to the title sponsor Saucony, Enervit Sport Nutrition Partner, Karpos (technical sponsor) and Ford (with the Bronco brand).

Five events were scheduled. On the first day, between Friday and Saturday, the longest and most difficult races were held: the queen race, i.e. the 103 K (7,150 meters of altitude difference), the 72 K (5,550 meters of altitude difference) and the historic race, the first born, that is the 55 K (3,800 meters of altitude difference).

In the 103 K, victory for an athlete from South Tyrol, Martin Graf: the ultrarunner who comes from Val Casies completed his effort with a time of 13h58’04”, preceding the Slovenian Jon Lihteneger Vidmajer by 4’49” and ‘Austrian Gerald Fister of 9’46”. Completing the top five finishers, Tullio Corazza from the home valley of Val di Zoldo (+1h00’18”) and Andrea Paladin (+1h23’09”).

Among the women, Poland’s red and white flag flew on the 103K. Thanks to Marta Wenta, her third success in the Saucony Dolomiti Extreme Trail with a time of 15h52’06”. Italy on the second and third step of the podium thanks to Valentina Michielli, from Cortina d’Ampezzo, and Lisa Borzani from Aosta Valley. As regards the 72 K, the successes went to the Russian Ekaterina Luzina and the Lombard Gionata Cogliati. In comparison, in the 55 K the fastest were the Finnish Pirjo Saukko and the Swiss Nico Doltremo.

In the 22K race, a Hungarian double success thanks to Kitti Posztos and Sandor Szabo while in the 11K the victories went to Filippo Votta from Val di Zoldo and Katya Zandegiacomo Mazzon from Auronzo di Cadore.

In addition to the spectacle of the “grown-ups”, as is tradition, the Saucony Dolomiti Extreme Trail reserved ample space for the little ones, offering them the Mini Dxt: over 200 children and teenagers competing on a shortened route of just over two kilometres, “escorted ” by two Italian mountain runners who come from Val di Zoldo: Isacco Costa and Lucia Arnoldo, both team bronze medalists at the recent European Championships in Annecy (France)

The organizers were very satisfied. «It was the Saucony Dolomiti Extreme Trail of records, with 2,600 competitors from 62 nations: numbers never seen before here in the valley which fill us with satisfaction, a great satisfaction that we want to share with all the four hundred volunteers who collaborate» comment Corrado De Rocco and Paolo Franchi, organizational staff managers. «Dxt is a sporting event but it is also the event that opens the tourist season of Val di Zoldo».


DXT 103K


  1. Marta WENTA (POL) – 15:52:06
  2. Valentina MICHIELLI (ITA) – 17:25:09
  3. Lisa BORZANI (ITA) – 17:51:10


  1. Martin GRAF (ITA) – 13:58:04
  2. Jon LIHTENEGER VIDMAJER (SLO) – 14:02:53
  3. Gerald FISTER (AUT) – 14:07:50



  1. Ekaterina LUZINA (RUS) – 13:10:25
  2. Camille MARTINS (FRA) – 13:32:03
  3. Svetlana CIOBANU (ITA) – 13:52:21


  1. Gionata COGLIATI (ITA) – 10:06:25
  2. Patrik FRKO (SVK) – 11:00:27
  3. Fabio PivPIVATO (ITA) – 11:08:27



  1. Pirjo SAUKKO (FIN) – 07:28:22
  2. Marine CHARNET (FRA) – 08:25:37
  3. Francesca PRETTO (ITA) – 08:28:43


  1. Nico DALCOLMO (SUI) – 06:37:26
  2. Philipp AUSSERHOFER (ITA) – 06:46:16
  3. Dimitri CHAPELLE (FRA) – 06:53:14



  1. Kitti POSZTOS (HUN) – 2:08:19
  2. Veronica MARAN (ITA) – 02:08:36
  3. Pina DEIANA (ITA) – 2:10:49


  1. Sandor SZABO (HUN) – 1:45:12
  2. Sebastian Conrad HÅKANSSON (NOR) – 01:53:23
  3. Niccolò DE MIN (ITA) – 1:57:02